Who are we?

Einstein School was founded by Ms. Tina Sharma, a renowned rehabilitation psychologist with a gold medal and a cause. After meticulous research and years of experience, she gathered a curated team of exceptional psychologists, special educators and therapists to build a true sanctuary for children with special needs.

Group of teachers

We've all heard the phrase 'every child is different'. But look around, do regular schools even consider that as a fact?

Schools today take uniquely wonderful children and put them in a box determined by their age, and not their abilities and interests. We do not believe this structure truly contributes to our children's future. And this is especially true for neurodivergent children. And that's where we come in. Einstein is not a regular school.

We work with your child to customize their education for a truly holistic, trans-disciplinary approach towards their all round development. We strive to live up to the high standards these incredible tiny humans have set for us. And we wouldn’t dare to disappoint! Ultimately, we want your child to be as self-dependent and competent as they can be while preserving their uniqueness and self esteem. That's everything one needs for a bright future!

Social Skills Training

Social Skills

Shape the child into functional, social members of the society:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Initiating conversation
  • Being assertive
  • Sharing & cooperating
School Readiness Program

School Readiness

For children who need to be mainstreamed:

  • Attending Skills
  • Following instructions
  • Receptive skills
  • Expressive skills
  • Pre academic skills
Early Intervention Program.png

Early Intervention

Preventing developmental delays in infants & toddlers:

  • Physical development
  • Cognitive development
  • Adaptive development
  • Social development
remedial training


Multi sensorial approach - Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic & Tactile:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Behavioral problems
life skills training


For children with severe challenges:

  • Self care
  • Daily living skills
  • Literacy & numeracy
  • Leisure & recreational
  • Shopping skills
cognitive training


"Train the brain" is the moto we live by:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Planning skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Working memory
  • Creative thinking
  • Decision making
How it works

How it works

First, our team of educators and psychologists analyse your child to understand their needs, both academically and in life. Then, your child will be exposed to multiple modalities of learning and they get to take their pick. Depending on the assessments and their responses, we design an individualised education plan just for your child.

Any one or a combination of our programs, tailor fit to your child’s needs! We work with you to create a flexible, adaptable schedule and take it from there. Whether it’s mainstreaming, complete academics or life skills, we’ve got your little ones covered!


Most special education schools fail to track and record the progress of their students.

At Einstein, we work differently. From the get go, we document everything from initial complaints to formal report cards, quarterly assessments, new developments and achievements.

We set short term and long term goals and refine their education program as the child develops.
Not only does this give them motivation and a sense of achievement, it also helps the parents stay fully involved in their child’s journey.


From the founder

My masters degree in finance and the career that came with it just didn’t seem to work for me. I wanted to do more. Give more. Next thing I knew, I was studying rehabilitation psychology from The National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (NIEPID) in Hyderabad.
After working with multiple schools and hundreds of children, I realized there is a need for quality care and education today for children with special needs.
Which is why I founded Einstein. Our staff has well over 10 years of collective experience in care for children with special needs.

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